Impact has been around for nearly two decades, but never quite like this.  We’ve spent the past year refreshing a lot more than our look — we’ve changed our entire business structure by shining a critical light on the value an agency brings to their clients.

What makes us so different?

We refuse to compete on marketing disciplines and creative alone. It is our belief that any agency like ours needs to excel in these areas by definition.

We are a diverse team of experienced business—owners, consultants, writers, technology masters, strategists who have earned their stripes on the client side, & celebrated award—winning creatives — all led by CEO Sammy Davis.

We are a strategy first agency.  A true strategy first agency. We don’t embellish, we don’t sugarcoat, and we don’t skimp on research. We feel there is a huge gap between good and great marketing.  So, we focus on behaviours, we uncover motivations and we relentlessly pursue timeless consumer truths to inform our actions and make our clients’ businesses stronger.

We don’t skim the surface, we dive deep into the business of our clients so their impact in their markets or industries, is lasting. The result? When you work with Impact, you make one.


  • 2013/7/11
    PR and Media Relations - Special Project
    You're probably getting tired of hearing this, but we're hiring! We have a few positions to fill, the most recent is a seo services company. Have you got what it takes? We'd love to meet you!
  • 2013/5/30
    Company makes major Impact in just over a year
    "In a little more than a year, Impact Communications has tripled its workforce and added several clients to its burgeoning portfolio." - Great article in today's Chronicle Herald #makeone